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Pro-Change Adds Text Messaging to Our Health Risk Intervention

Pro-Change is pleased to announce an innovative new feature added to Health Risk Intervention (HRI). Since 2014, Pro-Change has had NCQA Certification for our HRI which includes typical health risk assessment questions. But unlike others, it also assesses readiness to change leading health risk behaviors and provides immediate evidence-based, stage-matched feedback about the single most important strategy individuals can take to make progress on each behavior. Each time the HRI is taken, feedback is updated to reflect change. New recommendations are provided to promote the use of the behavior change strategies most likely to improve health and well-being.

Now users can opt to receive text messages that inspire and encourage them to make small changes throughout the year, between HRIs sessions. Text messages are based on the same rigorous behavior change science and statistically-derived decision rules embedded in the HRI. Informed by decades of research, the text messages are not merely one-size-fits-all nudges.

Part of the secret to the success of the tailored text messages is the proactive, ongoing delivery. Historically, health assessments have been a once-yearly event. Text messaging enables brief, evidence-based messages to continue to engage participants in the behavior change process. The texts essentially provide ongoing doses of behavior change medicine, elevating the HRI to the next level.

The text messages in similar Pro-Change programs have been met with rave reviews from end users.

I liked that whoever created this seems to care about my well-being.

Early on, the text messages were the only thing that made me think twice and not give up. With time, I was confident enough to manage this on my own!

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