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HRI: A Health Risk Assessment + Intervention

The Pro-Change HRI, a Health Risk Assessment + Intervention includes typical HRA questions, but unlike other HRAs ours uses validated questions to assess readiness to change leading health risks and provides immediate evidence-based, stage-matched feedback about the single most important strategy individuals can use to make progress on that specific behavior. Each time the HRI is taken, feedback is updated to reflect change since the last one and new strategies are offered to promote health and well-being.

New Text Messaging Feature

We know that the vast majority of people read text messages within two minutes of receiving them. So we have harnessed this powerful engagement tool to send evidence-based messages that inspire and encourage users to make small changes in their health risk behaviors throughout the year– between HRI sessions. Users can opt to receive text messages and can choose the time of day they wish to receive them. See Text Messages below for more details.

HRI Features

The HRI conforms to the “Framework for Patient-Centered Health Risk Assessments: Providing Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services to Medicare Beneficiaries” developed by the CDC and can be used by clinicians to help meet the health assessment requirements of the Medicare Annual Wellness visit.

In addition to health risks such as tobacco use, unhealthy eating, sedentary behavior, depression, poor sleep habits, and ineffective stress management, our evidence-based HRI also assesses:

  • Current health conditions and adherence to United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for age and gender appropriate screenings and immunizations
  • Productivity, functioning, well-being, and general health status
  • Language preference, hearing and vision impairments
  • Functional health status for users age 65 and over including: anxiety, pain, social/emotional support, activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, falls, and dental health
  • User’s priority for behavior change

The HRI suggests online and community resources through which users can learn more about their specific health risks and behaviors. It also provides an overall participant wellness profile and a clinical summary report participants can share with their health care providers.

The assessment, which takes 10-15 minutes to complete, is available in English and Spanish and can be customized. Feedback can be read onscreen or through a printed report.

For clients who license our complete LifeStyle Management Suite, the HRI acts as a gateway into fully-tailored behavior change programs and populates our Clinical Dashboard.

A print-based version of our Health Risk Intervention is available, if needed.


Text Messages

Adding text messages to our Tobacco Cessation Program resulted in a huge increase in efficacy. Users receiving text messages returned to the program more often, and the cessation rate increased by 11 percentage points! Because the HRI messages are based on the same rigorous behavior change science and use the same empathic voice, we anticipate similar outcomes.

Feedback from users of the Tobacco Cessation Text Messages reveal how much the messages resonated with them:

“Early on, the text messages were the only thing that made me think twice and not give up. With time, I was confident enough to manage this on my own.”
“I liked that whoever created this seems to care about my well being.”

Text messaging is an add-on feature.

Contact us to learn more about our HRI and HRI Text Messaging.