Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Youth LifeStyle Management Suite: Behavior Change Programs

Our suite includes five online programs for middle and high school students. The programs have been used by schools, youth groups, and health plans.

How the Youth LifeStyle Management Suite programs work.

The five programs integrate key concepts from the best available health education curricula and interventions. But they go beyond traditional education by also integrating an internationally recognized evidence-based model of health behavior change: the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM). Supported by 35 years of research, the TTM facilitates change by assessing state of change for adopting a new health behavior—or for ending an unhealthy behavior—and focusing on the most effective change strategies for that stage.

All programs are mobile optimized. All are composed of three or more 20- to 30-minute interactive sessions that can be completed 30 days apart. Students work privately and independently; their individual data remain private and secure. Additional optional print materials for students and staff are available as PDFs.

Deliver education with greater ease and impact.

The Youth LifeStyle Management Suite addresses several challenges to providing education on key health topics. All programs:

  • Are online and self-administered, freeing up teacher and staff time
  • Take into account individual differences in students’ prior experiences and levels of risk
  • Take into account students’ openness to change
  • Are designed not only to educate, but to change behavior

Research on the TTM interventions in general, and on the Youth LifeStyle Suite Programs in particular, demonstrate their impact.

“It was so simple to use and it told me what I had done well and when I needed to improve—and it didn’t just tell me that I needed to change—it told me how!”

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