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Winning Play$

Winning Play$ is unique in that, in addition to providing lessons on financial literacy from the Council for Economic Education, the program shows students how social messages from advertisers and media, stereotypes about race and gender, and early role modeling play key roles in their financial behavior. Winning Play$ also includes behavior change messages and assessments based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM).

Financial journalist Stacy Tisdale and NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott’s All Stars Helping Kids Foundation disseminate the program to students in underserved communities to ensure that they have the financial literacy skills to meet the national standards established by the JumpStart Coalition and that they can overcome any stereotypes or conditioned perceptions that might prevent them from reaching their goals.

Pro-Change participated in the development and evaluation of the curriculum by providing recommendations on seamlessly integrating messages based on the TTM to facilitate behavior change related to making responsible financial choices. Pro-Change also contributed to the evaluation by developing an assessment of important behavior change variables that are used as a pre-and-post test.

The program teaches students

  • How to identify short and long term goals now and in the future
  • How to transcend conditioned psychological, emotional, and behavioral responses
  • The stages and techniques necessary for behavior change
  • Self-assessment skills and techniques
  • Skills to improve decision making
  • How education and financial literacy are relevant to their well-being

Curriculum Lessons

  • Who Are You? — Creating the Grandest Vision of Who You are and What You Want to Achieve
  • The Price of Pleasing Mom, Pop, and Your Peeps
    Includes a component that engages parents and primary caregivers
  • Boy$ will be Boy$ . . . Girl$ will be Girl$
    How Gender Plays out in our Financial Experiences
  • Shut Up! — Taking Control of Your Inner Voice
  • The Truth about Change: The Process of Changing Behavior
  • Know what you Know! Using the Skills You Already Have to Achieve Your Goals!

Financial Lessons

  • Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is –A Budget You Can Stick To!
  • The Greatest Thief: The 411 on Credit Card Debt
  • Growing Money . . . Who Needs a Tree!
  • A Fat Ride: What to know Before you Buy a Car
  • Cribs — What you Need to Know if You’re Buying or Renting
  • Cover Your ASSets: Part l (Saving) and Part II (Insurance)