Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Additional Programs

Youth Tobacco Cessation

An online science based program developed for teens who are not ready, getting ready, or ready to quit using tobacco.

College Health (liveWell)

An online, multiple behavior change well-being program designed to help college students improve their exercise, eating, and stress management habits.

Domestic Violence

An online domestic violence program designed as an adjunct to traditional batterer treatment. The program aims to increase readiness to use a range of healthy strategies to stay violence-free.

Anger and Violence in Youth

An online program to build healthy relationship skills to prevent teen dating violence if dating and peer violence if not dating.

Youth Obesity Prevention

An evidence-based, multimedia, multiple behavior energy balance program for adolescents that focuses on increasing physical activity, eating more fruits and vegetables, and reducing TV time.

Financial Well-Being

A comprehensive, stage matched online program developed in collaboration with national financial expert Jean Chatzky, that helps individuals to find $10 a day to put toward paying down debt and staying debt-free.

Youth Financial Literacy

A high school life skill and financial literacy program with an assessment and stage-based behavior change strategies built in partnership with Stacey Tisdale, financial journalist, and the All Stars Helping Kids Foundation.

Healthy Pregnancy

A program to assist pregnant women in effectively managing stress, quitting smoking and staying quit, and eating more fruits and vegetables.