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Reset, Rethink & Reconnect for Higher Resilience

Resilience is a buzzword lately—and with good reason. Individuals with higher resilience are 4 times more likely to have excellent physical and mental health, 65% less likely to experience productivity loss, and 79% less likely to be depressed. The key question is how we can help individuals and organizations build resilience to bounce back in the face of adversity.

“Many people believe that you are either resilient or not, but the truth is that it is a skill that can be built and developed over time,” stated Dr. Kerry Evers, Pro-Change Co-President & CEO. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive resilience-boosting solution, Pro-Change applied decades of behavior change science and expertise to develop two innovative, off-the shelf programs:

 an innovative two-way text messaging based solution  an end-to-end digital solution with on-demand reporting      

Guided by insights from the Resilience Evaluation Measure©, Pro-Change’s innovative and validated assessment of resilience, the recharge solutions are designed to boost participants’ resilience by helping them reset their life’s meaning and purpose, rethink their mindset, and reconnect through strong social connections. The recharge solutions provide continuous tailored communications informed by behavior change science. Users receive individualized feedback on their level of resilience as well as skills they can develop to build resilience. Ongoing assessments capture improvements over time and continually tailor the experience to users’ needs.

Are you interested in how you can help your population reset, rethink, and reconnect?

Pro-Change Tapped by Med-IQ to Develop Two-Way SMS Program for Severe Asthma

Pro-Change was recently selected by Med-IQ,  an award-winning accredited medical education provider, to create an innovative two-way text messaging communication campaign for individuals with severe uncontrolled asthma. 

Uncontrolled asthma is expected to be associated with health care costs of more than $300 billion and a loss of 15 million quality-adjusted life years over the next 20 years in the U.S. 

Med-IQ is tackling this urgent problem with a novel educational initiative that involves pairing social media influencers with asthma experts to reach a broader audience of individuals affected by severe uncontrolled asthma. Using a mix of social media platforms, including a series of live events on Instagram and a Facebook webcast recording, participants will be invited to enroll in the two-way texting program for up to six months. The program is designed to increase readiness to collaborate with one’s health care providers to better manage their condition. Pro-Change will leverage best practices in behavior change science to design and deliver tailored behavior change nudges to individuals based on their current level of asthma control and their readiness to share in decision-making with their clinicians and adhere to their treatment plan. The customized text messages will be dynamically re-tailored over time as individuals progress on their journey to better asthma control. 

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the Med-IQ team and applaud their forward-thinking and creative approach to medical and patient education,” said Dr. Sara S. Johnson, Co-President and CEO of Pro-Change. “Given that some estimates indicate that 99% of text messages are opened and as many as 95% are read within three minutes, text messaging represents a unique opportunity to maximize the impact of tailored micro-motivational messages that promote enhanced doctor-patient communication and adherence.”