Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Patricia H. Castle, PH.D.

Vice President of Data Science


Dr. Castle is responsible for the implementation of advanced statistical methods to meet the research objectives of partners and policymakers. She provides technical leadership and expert guidance on projects relating to research design, data management, statistical methodology, and program evaluation. Dr. Castle works in collaboration with principal investigators in the development, implementation, and testing of federally-funded randomized trials focusing on behavior change.

Dr. Castle earned her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island with specialization in behavioral science, quantitative methods, and clinical psychology. She has received the URI Research Ethics Fellowship, the Peter Merenda Prize in Statistics and Research Methodology, and multiple Citation Awards from the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Her research focuses on multiple health behavior change and quantitative methods. She is particularly interested in cross-sectional and longitudinal meta-analytic techniques, measurement development, and program evaluation for interventions based on the Transtheoretical Model.