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Our Team and Publications

Inspiring Leadership

I love to gain new experiences! The more diverse and challenging, the more I smile!
Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D. Co-President & CEO
My favorite activity is biking along the coast or walking on Narragansett Beach!
Sara S. Johnson, Ph.D. Co-President & CEO
I am an avid cyclist.
Deborah A. Levesque, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer

Strong Team

Love to spend time being active outside.
Seth Crothers Senior Vice President of Technology
I reflect on the good things that have happened each day.
Patricia H. Castle, Ph.D. Vice President of Data Science
Like Cicero said, if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
Carol O. Cummins, M.L.I.S., M.Ed. Senior Vice President Product Development and Strategy
Despite my busy schedule, I make sure to fit in a workout or run at least every other day.
Janet Johnson, Ph.D. Senior Vice President of Innovation and Implementation
"Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow." -Unknown
Dave Armitage, PMP Vice President of Business Management and Development
I strive to be thrifty, healthy and always jolly
Marissa Joly Business Development Associate
I enjoy biking with my daughters to the playground
Kevin Lague, M.L.I.S Front-End Developer
I enjoy chasing my kids around the backyard.
Daniel Siefert, B.S., HCISPP Director, IT Operations
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."--Dalai Lama
Deborah Van Marter, M.P.H. Director of Client Relations
I enjoy quiet time for restoration and reflection.
Susanne Vieira Editorial Assistant

Experienced Consultants

I strive to thrive everyday by doing something purposeful.
James O. Prochaska, Ph.D. Consultant
I often walk the famous 350 Dipsea Steps for the purpose of volunteering at the Library.
Janice M. Prochaska, Ph.D. Consultant, Former President & CEO
I enjoy exercising outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, x-country skiing
Thomas Michalek, M.S. Software Architect
I relax by swimming at the Y and walking my dogs.
Carrie Coren Graphic Design Consultant
I'm a big fan of yoga & all the health benefits it offers.
Lois Hamblet, B.S. Financial Consultant
I prefer experiences with friends & family vs. material things.
Cindy Umanzor, M.P.H. Consultant