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Behavior Change with Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Fully tailored text messaging based on a participant’s stage, pros and cons, confidence, and processes of change is now integrated into Pro-Change’s Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise, Responsible Drinking and Stress Management programs as a program upgrade.

Frequency of message delivery and total number of messages is dependent on stage of change. The content of the messages is determined based on responses to reliable and valid assessments within the computer-tailored intervention. Specific messages are given around techniques for getting started on a behavior change or quitting an unhealthy behavior. Additional support messages are sent the seven days surrounding an intended quit or start date.

Sample Text Messages

For the Precontemplation Stage

Think about how relieved your family would be if you quit smoking. They wouldn’t have to worry about your health or theirs.

Preparation Stage

2 days until you quit. Stock up on sugarless gum or hard candy, text your supporters so they’re ready to help & plan to keep busy on your quit day.

Action Stage

Don’t let urges to smoke discourage you. Each time you have an urge, take 10 deep breaths. That will relax you while you wait for the urge to go away.

Proven Results

In a recent trial, the addition of tailored text messaging increased the effectiveness of our best practices in smoking cessation by nearly fifteen percentage points. The text messages also increased engagement with the program. Qualitative feedback regarding the text message portion of the program has been overwhelmingly positive.

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