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Pro-Change has developed award-winning health behavior change solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small to mid-size employers, health plans, healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, school districts, universities, care management companies, U.S. government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more.

The work we have done with our partners has included creating new solutions, improving existing products, conducting clinical research, and providing expert consultation on best practices in behavior change, and training in the Transtheoretical Model.

Clinician Empowerment. Administrative Oversight.

Our Clinical Dashboard puts stage-matched guidance in the hands of clinicians and coaches. It enables them to quickly access a patient’s health risks, give patients brief evidence-based behavior change advice, and track their behavior change progress. The dashboard also offers “stage-on-demand”. Whether or not a patient has completed Pro-Change’s HRI, a clinician can simply click on a behavior to surface Pro-Change’s validated stage of change assessment for that behavior, allowing the clinician to quickly and accurately assess stage of change.

Physician holding a tablet showing Pro-Change's Clinical Dashboard

Aggregrate Reporting

Aggregate reporting in an Administrative Portal rounds out the Suite, affording administrators rich data to use in making decisions and addressing population health risks and goals. Program usage and behavior progress reports are available.

Sample aggregate reports

Coaching/Counselor Version

A coaching version of each program is fully integrated with the participant version. However, the coaching version is presented as bulleted lists that guide the feedback to ensure treatment fidelity, while allowing for the coach’s clinical judgement and their own way of working with patients.

Counselor and patient at a desk

e-Learning: Training in the Transtheoretical Model.

An engaging online course, our e-Learning module teaches coaches and other health professionals the basic concepts and strategies needed to effectively use the Transtheoretical Model and motivational interviewing in their work. Professionals may receive continuing education credit for completing the course.

Training in the Transtheoretical Model or Stages of Change, online, for healthcare professionals

Research and Development Services.

Whether building a brand new intervention or supporting a nationwide well-being survey, our outstanding Ph.D. and M.P.H. researchers are ready to support you in your research and development. We can bring the best that science has to offer to your behavior change needs. We can also present and publish together to bring special attention to your services.

Research and Development Consultant Services