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Privacy Policy for VAL Health Rewards Program

This is the privacy policy for the VAL Health Rewards Smoking Cessation Program. This program was developed by Pro-Change Behavior Systems.

  • Taking part in this program (completing online sessions and Personal Activity Center activities) is voluntary.
  • I have to answer all questions to complete the online session.
  • All my answers will be kept in a secure and confidential (private) database.
  • Personal information about me will be shared with the VAL Health Rewards program.
  • My participation is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for VAL Health Rewards (www.valhealthrewards.com) and Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. (www.prochange.com/privacy).
  • The fact that I am participating in this program will be shared with the payroll department.
    • This information is shared so Payroll can make sure I’m not paying taxes on any rewards I receive. As with all personal information, Payroll will hold information about my participation in the strictest confidence.
  • Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. or VAL Health Rewards may share a group report of my survey answers—and other peoples’ survey answers—with other partner organizations. No names will be used in the report. Those partners, such as an employer or a health plan, may use the information to look at or improve the overall health of all those they serve.
  • My survey and personal report is for information only. It is not a diagnosis of any illness or health problem. The information in my report does not substitute for my health care provider’s advice and prescribed course of treatment.
  • If I have any questions about my participation, I should contact: VALHealthSmoking@VALHealth.com