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Pro-Change offers expertise for Kresser Institute’s Health Coach training


As a premier training provider in functional medicine, Pro-Change was thrilled to be approached by the Kresser Institute to assist with the creation of the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program. The inclusion of training in behavior change and the Transtheoretical Model was an incredible addition to the already very strong curriculum.

Over 6 months, Pro-Change developed 13 custom training modules covering not only the basics of the TTM, but also how to use and apply the different constructs of the model throughout coaching sessions. The training modules assist student coaches in their journey to become better prepared to help clients change behaviors, no matter which stage of change they are in at their first coaching session.

In addition to the training modules, Pro-Change also collaborated with Kresser Institute faculty to develop coaching session role-plays using the TTM. These pre-recorded role plays allow students to see and hear what a coaching session could look like, including where and how different aspects of the model can be utilized.

Kerry Evers, Pro-Change’s Co-President and CEO, also conducted two live training sessions with the ADAPT students. The live sessions dug deeper into the TTM enabling students to ask questions and receive answers in real time. “Our collaboration with the Kresser Institute has been incredibly exciting,” said Kerry Evers. “The work that they are doing in terms of training health coaches is both innovative and extensive. We can’t wait to see the impact that these Kresser trained coaches will have on their communities!”