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Pro-Change’s Drs. Prochaska Featured in Health Literacy’s 100th Podcast

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South Kingstown, RI – August 1, 2013. Health Literacy Out Loud’s 100th podcast, titled “Stages of Change and Health Communication,” went live July 30, 2013. In the podcast, James O. Prochaska, PhD, Founder of Pro-Change and Janice M. Prochaska, President & CEO talk with Helen Osborne about:

  • What the Stages of Change model is and how it got started
  • Why the Stages of Change model is relevant to health literacy and health communication, including its role in informed decision making
  • How listeners can use the Stages of Change model when communicating about health and communicating about health literacy

Recognized for her expertise in health literacy, Helen Osborne, M.Ed., helps professionals communicate health information in ways that patients, caregivers, and the public can understand. Among Helen’s many “hats,” she produces and hosts the podcast interview series, Health Literacy Out Loud (HLOL). In honor of the 100th episode of HLOL, Helen chose to interview James and Janice Prochaska on the Stages of Change behavior theory. Helen wanted to honor the Prochaskas this way, saying that “The Stages of Change model has meant so much to me and everyone else who strives to communicate health information in ways others can understand, accept, and act upon.” To hear the podcast, go to www.healthliteracy.com/hlol-stages-of-change.