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Behavior Change Programs for Military Personnel and Veterans


Computer tailored interventions for Veterans at risk for PTSD with programs for Stress Management, Depression Prevention, and Smoking Cessation.

The aim is to enhance the emotional and physical well-being of Veterans particularly those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The three URAC Gold Award programs are customized for military populations.

Smoking Cessation and Tailored Texting

Pro-Change’s URAC Gold-Award winning Smoking Cessation program is customized for the Veteran population with added personalized feedback through text messaging.

The overwhelming majority of users indicated that the text messaging they received was one of the programs highlights with 72% indicating that the texts helped them move forward toward quitting and over 79% indicating that the texts reinforced what they had done online in the computer tailored program. At a 3-month follow-up, 43% successfully quit smoking as compared to 33% who did not have the texting enhancement.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Technical tools are being developed to facilitate the implementation of substance abuse prevention interventions for the active duty military.

Delivery will be on a smart phone and will include a stage of change assessment, tailored texting, and interactive game-like activities. Stress management, sleep management, well-being, and depression prevention are focus areas. A team of military personnel are offering insight on the usability, acceptability, and qualitative reviews of the prototype.

Pain Management Intervention

A pain self-management program is being developed for Veterans that provides feedback matched to an individual’s readiness to use helpful pain coping skills, improve sleep hygiene, and manage stress.

The program will: be used on any computer or mobile device, interface with social networking sites, include personalized text messages, and use principles of gaming for health to engage users.

A panel of Veteran advisors with chronic pain are part of the design input team.

Training in TTM

Customized training in the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change was developed and delivered to Wounded Warrior Project Mentors so that they may more effectively support wounded warriors in their efforts to adapt to their conditions.

Coaches can be trained in the stages of change, understanding what processes of change are most effective at what stage, and how to set stage matched goals.

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