Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Integrating Patient Health and Population Health Using the Transtheoretical Model

Traditional patient health paradigms for treatment of health behaviors are designed for individual patients who are motivated or prepared to seek wellness programs. However, programs that passively wait and only react to patients who call or come for help end up serving small percentages of at-risk populations. There reactive programs must be complemented by innovative paradigms to reach out to the large percentages of populations who have not been adequately studied or served in the past. For solutions to match the growing demand for health behavior change programs, they will need to combine more inclusive science with more inclusive services (matched to the needs of people in each stage of change) to produce more inclusive care that can have much greater population impacts on preventing and managing chronic conditions.
This is our approach to integrating patient health and population health.

Patient Health Complemented by Population Health
  1. Individual Patient
  2. Action-Oriented
  3. Reactive Recruitment
  4. Efficacy
  5. Clinic-Based
  6. Clinician-Based
  7. Single Behavior
  8. Modular
  9. Disease Prevention & Management
  10. Fragmented
  1. Entire Populations
  2. Stage-Based
  3. Proactive Outreach
  4. Impact
  5. Home, Work Or School-Based
  6. Computer-Based
  7. Multiple Behaviors
  8. Coaction
  9. Well-Being
  10. Integrated