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Healthy Pregnancy

Pro-Change’s Healthy Pregnancy: Step-by-Step program assists pregnant women in effectively managing stress, quitting smoking and staying quit, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

With two phases of funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pro-Change developed a multiple behavior computer tailored intervention (CTI) offering individualized guidance based on stage of readiness for smoking cessation and maintenance, stress management, and healthy eating. A color-printed feedback report and a printed multiple behavior change manual serve as adjuncts to the CTI. With this project, Pro-Change has expanded its core web application capabilities by including extensive interactivity within the tailored feedback screens of the CTI, adding multiple languages, and optimizing the entire intervention for iPad delivery. The program is available in English and Spanish. Acceptability and feasibility results have been published. The program was tested in a randomized controlled trial at community health centers in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Healthy Pregnancy: Step-by-Step

A stage-based manual to help pregnant and postpartum women adopt healthy behaviors for themselves and their baby. Targeted behaviors include managing stress, eating healthy, and quitting smoking and staying quit. The manual is available in English and Spanish.

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Effectiveness Testing

In December 2011, Pro-Change launched a randomized controlled trial of Healthy Pregnancy: Step by Step at six federally qualified health center sites offering prenatal care to underserved women in Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut. Women were invited to participate in the program three times during their pregnancy. At each session, women in the treatment group receive stage-matched and tailored guidance on two behavioral risks with attention placed on making and sustaining behavioral changes into the postpartum period. Follow-up assessments were completed at one and four months post childbirth. A sample of 373 women enrolled in the study. Women engage in the program on iPads in the health centers in conjunction with their prenatal and postpartum care. Outcomes of the trial are anticipated to be published in 2014.


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