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Clinical Dashboard

Pro-Change’s Clinical Dashboard helps clinicians to be experts in behavior change without extra training.

The dashboard is populated with a patient’s data from our Health Risk Intervention (HRI). Once a patient has completed the HRI, clinicians can see a graphic representation of the patient’s self-reported health status, as well as behavior change challenges and priorities on a single screen.

The dashboard provides brief, evidence-based behavior change messages the clinician can deliver to motivate and guide the patient toward healthier lifestyles. The inclusion of a patient’s behavior change priorities can promote shared decision making and improve outcomes.

The dashboard also allows clinicians to prescribe Pro-Change’s award-winning cost effective, convenient, efficacious behavior change programs and to follow their patients’ progress over time.

The HRI for Primary Care Practices

There are a variety of reasons for primary care practices to begin implementation of health assessments.

  • To systemically identify and prioritize patients’ health issues
  • To fulfill requirements for and generate revenue from incentive programs and national guidelines
  • To implement the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

For the full AHRQ report “Health Assessment in Primary Care: A How to Guide for Clinicians and Staff” click here.

Benefits of Routine HRIs in Primary Care Practice

  • Improve relationships with patients by using the data from validated health measures to stimulate dialogue
  • Help patients to understand their current health status and change to improve their health
  • Track patient health risk behaviors over time
  • Identify risks requiring patient referral to additional resources
  • Measure and monitor patient data at the practice/population level for proactive, planned care
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