Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Clinical Dashboard

Pro-Change’s Clinical Dashboard offers clinicians, care coordinators, and health coaches the ability to engage their patients and guide them toward healthier lifestyles.

The dashboard is populated with a patient’s data from our Health Risk Intervention (HRI). Once a patient has completed the HRI, clinicians can see a graphic representation of the patient’s self-reported health status, as well as a behavior change profile and priorities on a single screen.

The dashboard provides the clinician with brief, evidence-based change tips based on the patient’s readiness to change. The clinician can deliver one or more tips to motivate and support the patient to change risk behaviors.

The dashboard also enables clinicians to prescribe Pro-Change’s award-winning LifeStyle Management Programs for the patient to work on between visits. The dashboard is updated each time the patient uses a program so that clinicians can follow their patient’s progress over time.

A Stage-on-Demand feature allows clinicians to quickly and accurately assess a patient’s stage of change for a particular behavior at any visit. Once the patient responds to the staging question, a stage-matched tip will surface on the dashboard ensuring that clinicians are always delivering the right behavior change message at the right time.

The HRI for Primary Care Practices

There are a variety of reasons for primary care practices to begin the implementation of health assessments.

  • To systemically identify and prioritize patients’ health issues
  • To fulfill requirements for and generate revenue from incentive programs and national guidelines
  • To implement the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

For the full AHRQ report “Health Assessments in Primary Care: A How-to Guide for Clinicians and Staff,” click here.