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Our Health Risk Intervention (HRI) is much more than the typical question and answer health risk assessment. The Pro-Change HRI acts as a coach that works with your employees to help them prepare to make changes in their health habits sooner than they would on their own. 


  • Increased Engagement
  • Improved Employee Well-Being
  • Targeted Workforce Insights
Increased Engagement

The Pro-Change HRI encourages employees to actively participate in improving their own health and well-being. As well-being improves, employees engage more at work which leads to high productivity.

Improved Employee Well-Being

Our digital coaching program uses techniques that have been shown to improve emotional, mental, and physical well-being.  Increased well-being leads to greater productivity, higher retention and reduced healthcare costs. 

Targeted Workforce Insights

On-demand reporting gives you valuable insight into your workforce as a whole, while allowing you to create targeted well-being campaigns that resonate with the unique needs of your employees. 

We are the  experts in using the science of behavior change to improve well-being. 

Tailored Text Messaging

Micro-motivational text messages provide personalized guidance to employees plus a call to action to encourage participation. The right feedback at just the right time helps them progress toward positive change without feeling pressured. 

Digital Wellness Coaching

Backed by 40 years of behavior change expertise, our data-driven program acts as a personalized coach who gets to know your employees and helps them change their health habits one step at a time. 

Robust On-Demand Reporting

Customizable reports show you company-wide trends such as a reduction in health care risks and improvements in workplace well-being over time. Our flexible reporting allows you to pinpoint insights within and across your organization. 

Our Health Risk Intervention improves workplace well-being.
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Health Risk Intervention

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