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LifeStyle Management Outcomes

Real Outcomes. Real Health Behavior Change.

Pro-Change’s evidence-based outcomes are from rigorously controlled randomized trials predominately funded by the National Institutes of Health. The outcomes measure behavior change from baseline to follow-up among participants who were not engaging in the healthy behavior at baseline.

The outcomes have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the American Journal of Health Promotion, Preventive Medicine, Health Psychology, American Journal of Public Health, and Disease Management and Population Health Management.

For all outcomes reported, the intervention group statistically outperformed the control group.

Stress Management

Our SAMHSA-recognized Stress Management program assists adults in effectively managing stress in healthy ways, including: exercising, seeking social support, and using relaxation techniques. At 18-month follow-up, 62% of those using our program began to effectively manage their stress.

effectively managed their stress

Stress Management Outcomes

Weight Management

Our Weight Management program focuses on three health behaviors: 1. Regular exercise, 2. Healthy eating, and 3. Managing emotional eating. At 24-month follow-up, 30% of those using our program lost 5% or more of their body weight. Based on national guidelines, 45% began to exercise regularly and 48% began to eat a healthy diet.

lost 5% or more of body weight

Weight Management Outcomes

Depression Prevention

Nineteen million Americans experience depression each year. Those using our Depression Prevention program reported a reduction in depression symptoms and began to consistently use effective strategies to prevent depression at 9-month follow-up.

experienced reduction in symptoms

Depression Prevention Outcomes

Smoking Cessation

Our Smoking Cessation interventions have consistently outperformed alternatives and competitors. A recent randomized study showed 26% of smokers using our program quit smoking at 3-month follow-up.

successfully quit smoking
 Smoking Cessation

Regular Exercise

National guidelines recommend exercising for 150 minutes a week at a moderate intensity level, or 75 minutes a week at a vigorous intensity level. In a randomized controlled trial, 57% of individuals using our Exercise program started exercising at or above the guidelines after 6 months.

met national guidelines for regular exercise

Regular Exercise Outcomes

Medication Adherence

Our Medication Adherence programs are designed as an adjunct to a physician-prescribed treatment. In a randomized controlled trial, 73% of those using our program began to adhere to their prescribed anti-hypertension medication regimen at 12-month follow-up.

adhered to their anti-hypertensive medication regimen

Medication Adherence Outcomes

Responsible Drinking

Nearly 30% of adults in the U.S. engage in risky drinking (drinking more than 14 drinks/week or 4 in one day for men age 65 and under, and drinking more than 7 drinks/week or 3 in one day for men 65 and under and for all women. In a randomized trial involving high-risk drinkers, 51% of those using our program reduced their drinking to the low-risk limits at 18-month follow-up.

reduced their drinking to low-risk limits

Specialized Behavior Change Program Outcomes

For Adults

Domestic Violence

Journey to Change, Pro-Change’s domestic violence program, is designed as an adjunct to traditional batterer treatment. The program aims to increase readiness to use a range of healthy strategies to stay violence-free. At 12-month follow-up, 50% of men using our program had sought additional treatment outside of their court-mandated treatment; based on partner reports, 78% remained violence-free.

remained violence free

Pregnancy Health

Our Healthy Pregnancy: Step-by-Step program assists pregnant women in effectively managing stress, quitting smoking and staying quit, and eating more fruits and vegetables. In a randomized controlled trial, users reported a reduction in risk behavior and an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption at postpartum follow-up.

reduction in risk behavior

Healthy Pregnancy

For College Students


liveWell: A Healthy Foundation for Life is an online program designed to help college students improve their exercise, eating, and stress management habits. In addition to improvements in those behaviors, results of our randomized controlled trial indicated that liveWell users significantly increased their well-being.

were consuming 4½ cups of fruit and vegetables per day*

*at 3 months

For Youth

Health in Motion

Our Health in Motion program for adolescents focuses on behaviors critical for obtaining a healthy energy balance. In a randomized controlled trial, students using the program were more likely at 3-month follow-up to meet national guidelines for physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, and TV viewing. These findings were replicated in a later study, which also demonstrated that the intervention reduced uptake of cigarette and alcohol use.

were watching 2 hours or less of TV each day

Healthy Teens

Juvenile Justice

The Rise Above Your Situation (RAYS) program integrates best practices from existing evidence-based programs for justice-involved youth and substance abusers. The effectiveness of the RAYS program was evaluated in a study involving 696 youth on probation. Youth who received the intervention committed fewer crimes than control during follow-up, were less likely to use marijuana monthly, use alcohol monthly, use other drugs, or be arrested for a drug- or alcohol-related crimes.

of high-risk substance users had quit alcohol and drugs