Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often can participants use the program?

The Computer-Tailored Intervention (CTI) is available every 30 days. A common requirement is to complete the CTI three times over a 6 month period. The Personal Activity Center is available at any time after the first CTI session is completed. Each time users return to the CTI they receive tailored feedback on how they are doing, what change strategies they are using well, which they may be underutilizing, and what steps they can take to continue progressing.

How are desktop, mobile, and coaching versions different?

Each interaction with our program is linked and re-tailored based on previous sessions. Coached feedback uses a bulleted format of discussion points. Mobile sessions have the same questions and feedback formatted for touch and/or a smaller screen. Users and coaches can mix and match any of the formats across multiple or even a single session.

Is the LifeStyle Management Suite only available online?

No. The LifeStyle Suite is available online, in a coaching version, or in a print version.

Why do you use just one theory (i.e., the TTM)?

We don’t just use one theory. The TTM integrates over 12 leading theories of behavior, matching processes from various theories to the appropriate stage of change to achieve the best results for each individual. And while the TTM is the core foundation of our work, we incorporate other models of change and communication, and principles of persuasion.

Do you recommend the use of incentives?

We support the use of incentive plans that reward participation rather than outcomes. Connecting insurance premiums to participation is a successful model.

Are the options within the LifeStyle Suite configurable?

Yes, clients can opt to offer one LifeStyle Management Program, any combination of programs, or the entire suite. The Health Risk Intervention is also a feature that can be turned off or integrated with a client’s existing HRA.