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e-Learning: Basic Training in the Transtheoretical Model

Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. offers an e-Learning course entitled “Become an Agent of Change: Applying The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change”. This 2-hour course provides coaches and other health professionals with the basic concepts and strategies needed to effectively use the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM, or the “Stages of Change”) when working with clients to change health behaviors.

Cost: $299/user

Group discounts available. Please contact training@prochange.com for details.

National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC CEP #100197): 2 CEs

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By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Understand and describe the characteristics of people in each Stage of Change.
  2. Describe the four main constructs of the TTM.
  3. Know which TTM principles and processes to employ at each Stage of Change.

Invest in yourself! Gain valuable skills that will:

  • Prepare you to work with entire populations whatever their stage of change
  • Teach you the principles of change that are applicable across more than 50 behaviors
  • Teach you how to integrate principles and processes of change from 12 theories of counseling and behavior change
  • Teach you an approach to reduce multiple risks and enhance multiple domains of well-being and productivity
  • Teach you about the scientific research that supports the TTM
  • Support you in using the TTM at work

What professionals have said about the training:

I completed the e-Learning program for the TTM program yesterday and am very impressed with it. After 8 years in the Disease Management industry, I wish I would have had this course when I started in the field.

(Executive Director)

My experience with e-Learning training left me with a thorough understanding of the stages of behavior change as they are applied in assisting members/participants in changing lifestyle behaviors. There were excellent examples of how to incorporate strategies and kind encouragement in meeting a participant member where they currently are in their journey of making changes toward a healthier way of living.


Very interactive and easy to follow—informative and I feel that the training will be VERY useful for our organization.


I’M SO EXCITED! I completed the TTM training yesterday (very informative and interesting) and put it right to use today.

(Health Coach)

The techniques for trying to effect change from stage to stage will be integral to my practice, as often time is lost describing what changes to make to patients without fully evaluating whether they are ready to implement such changes.

(Health Professional)

We believe this program should be a requirement for all health professionals and want to provide this course to our developing membership. We know your program will be a great professional development resource for all of the health professionals we serve.

(Executive Director)

I definitely have a much better recognition and understanding of the model of behavior change and am excited to engage and increase both my knowledge and skill in working on my own processes and that of my clients.

(Course User)

I thought the training was well planned and executed. I really concentrated and immersed myself in the theory and principle of TTM. This training was very timely and beneficial.

(Course User)