Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Coaching Programs

Pro-Change’s coaching online programs for health coaches and counselors provide tools for telephone and in-person administration of evidence-based TTM behavior change guidance.

Coaching programs are available for exercise, healthy eating, smoking cessation, stress management, weight management, medication adherence, and responsible drinking.

Coaching programs:

  1. Provide coaches with online scripts for administration of key TTM assessments
  2. Automatically score the assessments
  3. Provide bulleted scripts and intervention ideas to help the coach deliver highly tailored evidence-based behavior change guidance

Clients who participate in a coaching session are directed to an online portal that provides access to their printed report and a Personal Activity Center (PAC) with additional information and activities designed to reinforce key stage-matched principles and process of change and support progress between sessions.

Clients can complete follow-up intervention sessions with their coach, or on their own via a patient-facing computer-tailored intervention accessed via their PAC.

All sessions are tracked in the same database so coaches can track client use of the program and their change over time.

Exercise Feedback Screen - Coach
Sample exercise feedback screen for telephone-based coach to use with a client.

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