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Pro-Change Updates User Experience

Exciting changes are underway! Pro-Change recently undertook a rigorous user-centered approach to the redesign of our NCQA-certified Health Risk Intervention (HRI). The result is an updated HRI with a responsive design that embodies simplicity, minimalism, and ease of use. And we didn’t stop there. We infused the same UI design principles into the NCQA-certified LifeStyle Management Suite.

With a focus on improving the user-interface of the NCQA-certified Health Risk Intervention (HRI) and the LifeStyle Management Suite, a team at Pro-Change conducted extensive usability testing using validated measures of user experience; refined design options; and conducted A/B testing to inform design choices.

The new improvements include a change of font and colors. However, the most noteworthy improvements are the use of text animation, automated question and screen transitions, and content changes to increase readability and usability.

“The team took the same approach to this redesign that Pro-Change uses in all our products,” stated Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D., co-President and CEO. “We tested the designs, gathered user input and allowed the data to inform our decisions. The resulting user interface is one that not only looks more streamlined, but also allows a much more enjoyable experience for the user.”

Pro-Change will continue to gather feedback on the newly released redesign of the HRI and LifeStyle Management Suite, which is available now for licensing.

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Pro-Change Awarded Grant to Develop a Pain Intervention for Veterans


A Phase I Small Business Intervention Research grant has been awarded to Pro-Change Behavior Systems by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). An online, mobile-optimized interactive pain self-management program for chronic musculoskeletal pain will be developed for veterans that: 1) provides feedback matched to an individual’s readiness to use helpful pain coping skills, improve sleep hygiene, and manage stress; 2) leverages social networking; 3) includes personalized text messages; and 4) uses principles of gaming for health to engage users. A panel of Veteran advisors with chronic pain and experts in pain self-management, gaming, plain language, and multiculturism will inform the design of a program prototype. Focus groups and usability tests will also be conducted to assess the usability and acceptability of the program prior to a 30-day pilot study.

This research is significant given the enormous public health burden of pain and the fact that Veterans are disproportionately affected by chronic pain. Experts in the field are calling for innovative interventions that utilize technology to increase the accessibility of evidence-based treatments. Sara Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President at Pro-Change, explained that unlike any existing pain interventions, the program Pro-Change is developing will be tailored specifically to Veterans’ readiness to adopt self-management and preference for pain management strategies.

Pro-Change signs strategic partnership with GetWellNetwork





GetWellNetwork®, Inc., the leader in Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) solutions has signed a strategic partnership with Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. The partnership is an extension of GetWell Labs™, a research and development initiative that serves as an incubator for disruptive patient and family engagement technologies.

GetWellNetwork will incorporate Pro-Change’s Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change programs — based on more than 35 years of scientific research, intervention development, and empirical studies — into its Interactive Patient Care Pathways™. Delivered on the iPad, mobile device, or bedside TV, IPC Pathways are workflows that engage patients at the right point of care to learn about their condition and take action to manage their health. With Pro-Change’s proven methods, IPC Pathways can now be customized to target and deliver patient-specific care plan interventions.

“Pro-Change is thrilled to partner with GetWellNetwork,” said Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development for Pro-Change. “The combination of our scientifically validated behavior change programs and GetWellNetwork’s IPC technology will create a powerful solution. Together, we can engage and empower patients and families in the behavior change process, improve outcomes, and transform the patient experience.”

“When we founded GetWell Labs, we promised to bring the future faster to engage patients and families in new ways,” said GetWellNetwork Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Bennett. This partnership will enable our client community to build on the outcomes they are already achieving by delivering more effective care and empowering every patient.”

Pro-Change Programs Recognized in Employee Benefit News


South Kingstown, RI. (October 23, 2014) John Kaegi, Chief Strategist for Healthstat, Inc., and Sara Johnson PhD, Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development for Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., recently published a paper in Employee Benefit News on the “4 Elements of a Well-Designed Wellness Program.”

They state that well-designed wellness programs should include:
1. Assessment and Screening
2. Behavior Change Interventions
3. Engagement Methods
4. Measurement and Evaluation

Specifically highlighted is the value that the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change brings to each of the four areas through Pro-Change’s Health Risk Intervention (Health Risk Assessment plus Intervention), Clinical Dashboard, evidence-based behavior change programs, SMS-tailored text messaging, and aggregate reports. For the full article, go to: http://ebn.benefitnews.com/blog/beadvised/4-elements-of-a-well-designed-wellness-program-2744451-1.html

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Through our magazines, websites, newsletter, web seminars and face-to-face events, the Benefits Group is the leading information resource for the ever changing HR & Benefits marketplace. For more information, please visit ebn.benefitnews.com

About Healthstat
Healthstat is the leading provider of onsite primary care, health-risk intervention, chronic care management and occupational medicine. We create an environment of wellness that works by offering solutions that improve employee health while lowering costs. Our goal is to inspire a change in healthcare for the better. We guarantee it. For more information, please visit www.healthstatinc.com

Pro-Change Receives NIH Commercialization Assistance

Pro-Change is one of 80 Small Business Innovation Research grant recipients
to qualify for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) CommercializationAssistance Program (CAP).

Seasoned companies like Pro-Change, with more established commercialization experience, but facing complex business strategic challenges, are eligible to receive CAP guidance. Emerging companies are also eligible.

Pro-Change will receive help with commercializing it’s evidence-based program, Teen Choices: A Program for Healthy, Nonviolent Relationships, a
computer-administered multi-media program designed to help youth develop and use healthy relationship skills to prevent dating abuse (if dating), or peer abuse or bullying (if not dating).

CAP, during its free 9-month assistance, will identify and connect Pro-Change with key customers, articulate the highest and best use of their innovative solutions, and build sustainable pathways to revenue and continuing relevance.

Pro-Change’s Algorithms are now Integrated into Breakthrough Health & Wellness

South Kingstown, RI. (October 7, 2014)


Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc. (Breakthrough) is now using Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.’s evidence-based weight management staging measures to further individualize their fitness and weight loss offering, Online Boot Camp. Integration of the staging measures will allow Breakthrough to expand their patented interval training- based program of personalized fitness and personalized nutrition to now include personalized motivation. Breakthrough will utilize Pro-Change’s measures to determine their member’s stage of change for regular exercise, healthy eating, and emotional eating, at the start and throughout participation in Online Boot Camp. Once assessed, tailored messaging and guidance will be given to members and each member’s personalized motivation plan will evolve with them as they move through the Stages of Change.

Jonathan Roche, Founder and CEO of Breakthrough said, “The ability to speak to our members, exactly where they are in their health and wellness journey is essential. Our mission is to positively transform millions of lives and adding personalized motivation is a significant step forward. Using Pro-Change’s measures takes the guesswork out of determining what guidance our members need.”

Breakthrough and Pro-Change have signed a 5-year exclusivity agreement for integrating staging algorithms in the duration-based online fitness and weight loss space. In the crowded online fitness market, which now includes the explosion of wearable devices, this agreement allows Breakthrough the opportunity to provide a comprehensive fitness and weight loss offering unlike any other in the industry.

Roche further said, “We are excited that 69% of our Online Boot Camp participants who complete an 8-week Online Boot Camp, lose weight and achieve an average annualized weight loss of 24 pounds and an average annualized BMI reduction of 4 points. We are confident that partnering with Pro-Change and leveraging their expertise and thought leadership in the science of behavior change will increase our industry-leading results.”

Pro-Change Receives NIDA SBIR Contract

South Kingstown, RI. (August 13, 2014)


Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. has received its first Small Business Innovation Research Contract from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The Phase I contract was awarded for the topic “Technological Tools to Facilitate Implementation of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Interventions among the Military.” The project aims not only to identify the best practices for evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs, but also to develop and test a tool to implement those practices for military personnel. A functional prototype intervention will be developed using a participatory design approach and tested in a small pilot.

“While many effective, evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs exist in the general population, not all meet the unique needs of military personnel. And even fewer of those programs take advantage of the military’s advanced use of innovative technologies,” stated Kerry E. Evers, PhD., Senior Vice President at Pro-Change and the project lead. The behavioral focus of the project includes tobacco, alcohol, and other substances (including prescription drug abuse). The project will extend its focus to other behaviors that impact on substance abuse and are included in the Total Force Fitness (TFF) paradigm (such as stress management, sleep management, and depression prevention). Through the use of cutting edge science in multiple behavior change, the prototype will address many of those behaviors.

The team will begin the project by conducting an extensive literature search on existing evidence-based prevention interventions and will conduct interviews with expert consultants. This will inform the development of a prototype technological tool which will be tested for feasibility and acceptability in a pilot study. A team of military personnel will be engaged throughout the course of the project to offer their insights on the usability, acceptability, and qualitative reviews of the prototype.

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN271201400023C.

Pro-Change Programs are Part of a Collaborative Grant for Alaska Native Men and Women

an alaskan landscape with mountains in the background

South Kingstown, RI. (May 21, 2014) – The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health has awarded a five-year research project grant (R01) to study the effect of disease prevention counseling delivered via telemedicine within rural villages in the Bristol Bay Area of Alaska. Participants will be Alaska Native men and women who smoke cigarettes and have at least one additional cardiovascular disease risk factor (e.g., inactivity, overweight status, hypertension, high cholesterol) or established vascular disease. The study aims to meet Alaska Native health needs and values. It targets 5 of the American Heart Association’s 7 Strategic Impact Goals for 2020. The primary outcomes are increased tobacco abstinence and physical activity. An active comparison group targets control of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia through medication adherence and dietary change.

The health counseling is guided utilizing Pro-Change’s award-winning computer tailored interventions, which will be customized and hosted for the Alaska Native population. Stage-matched print manuals will also be used as behavior change tools.

The grant is informed by fieldwork over the past six years in rural Alaska, continued community partnerships with the tribes, and ethnographic research. The grant combines technology, pharmacology, behavioral science, and health economics for advancing the health of Alaska Native people who face significant health disparities with limited access to interventions given their isolated geographics.

The grant is a collaboration with Stanford University, the Alaska Native Medical Center, the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, the University of California San Francisco, the University of Alaska Anchorage, and Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.

Pro-Change Partners with Bearface Instructional Technologies

South Kingstown, RI. (March 5, 2014) – Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC to integrate Pro-Change’s URAC award-winning LifeStyle Management Suite into Bearface’s learning and assessment system products. The mission of Bearface is to provide high quality learning and assessment systems that engage students, enable instructors to teach more effectively and efficiently, and align academic programs with institutional goals and objectives. Through BearTracks, their web-based assessment platform, they will integrate course content provided via e-textbooks and online learning systems with advanced analytic services for health and wellness classes at colleges and universities as well as employee wellness initiatives.

Using evidenced-based algorithms that assess readiness for change, Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Suite will provide tailored feedback to students about their stage of change and give them a personalized learning experience that is relevant and motivating. Along the way, Bearface’s analytic tools will collect and report on students’ progress, tracking changes in their ability to learn and adapt. This will enable university faculty and administrators the ability to demonstrate more than simple knowledge acquisition.

“Our partnership with Pro-Change Behavior Systems demonstrates that Bearface is committed to providing the most engaging, well-researched learning and assessment tools to college students and instructors,” said Christopher Johnson, Founder and CEO, Bearface Instructional Technologies. “The integration of Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Suite with Bearface products enables us to give university faculty and administrators a comprehensive package of tools with which to measure development of students’ learning and behavior change skills, which are essential to professional and personal success. This is the beginning of an important shift in the way we measure the value of higher education.”

About Bearface  

Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC produces web-based learning and assessment tools for use in university courses and well-being programs. Bearface provides students with a personalized learning experience that develops their ability to self-assess and adapt in all dimensions of their lives. Its innovative approach enables educators to measure students’ learning growth and behavior change, more than just memorization and test taking ability. And Bearface gives universities the big data analytics to demonstrate they are graduating students with learned behaviors that are critical to professional and personal success.

For more information, visit http://bearfaceonline.com

Pro-Change’s Smoking Cessation Program featured on RI’s NBC 10

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