Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Evidence-Based Behavior Change Programs

Tailored to individuals, scaled to populations, driven by technology.

Our URAC award-winning programs are based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM) and meet the needs of entire populations, not just the 20% who may be ready to take action. Designed to maximize individual well-being, reduce health care costs, and increase productivity, our cost-effective health and wellness solutions excel due to our strong evidence-base, built on over 35 years of scientific research, randomized controlled trials, and over $80 million in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health.

We invite you to browse our offerings, keeping in mind that they are highly customizable and modular. You can license just the HRI: Health Risk Assessment + Intervention, one or more behavior change programs and accompanying personal activity centers, or the entire adult LifeStyle Management Suite, complete with a Clinical Dashboard, SMS Text Messaging, and Spanish-language support. Please also look at our Youth Suite. Our programs are proven effective, time tested, and based on scientific principles transformed into practical tools.

LifeStyle Management Suite

Complete Health and Well-Being Solution

HRI: A Health Risk Assessment + Intervention.

Our HRI is the gateway through which users gain access to our comprehensive behavior change solution. Unlike other HRAs, our Health Risk Assessment + Intervention uses validated questions to assess readiness to change health risks and provides immediate evidence-based, stage-matched feedback about the single most important strategy individuals can use to make progress. In 2014, our HRI received NCQA certification for Health Appraisals under Health Information Products (HIP) and in 2016 under Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP).

NCQA Health Appraisals
NCQA Health Appraisals

Multiple Behavior Change. Lasting Outcomes.

Our programs successfully intervene on multiple behaviors simultaneously. They have been shown to promote coaction: taking action on a second behavior if action is taken on a first. Users who received our individually-tailored Weight Management Program were 2-5 times more likely to take action on a second behavior if they started eating healthy, exercising, or managing emotional eating. The LifeStyle Management Suite covers up to 11 health behaviors, depending upon the individual user’s health risks. We were granted NCQA WHP certification for our Self-Management Tools in 2016.

Responsive Design. Mobile Delivery.

Using the latest web-based technologies, we are able to deliver an excellent user experience no matter which device an individual in your population uses. Our infrastructure allows for a variety of delivery options, including embedding directly within your preexisting wellness offering. Evidence-based, tailored messaging via SMS text is available as an add-on.

Life<br /> Style Management Suite - Stress Management Homepage on multiple devices

Youth LifeStyle Management Suite

Behavior Skills for middle and high school students

How the Youth LifeStyle Management Suite programs work.

Our suite includes five online programs for middle and high school students. The programs have been used by schools, youth groups, and health plans, integrating key concepts from the best available health education curricula and interventions.

Deliver education with greater ease and impact.

All programs are mobile optimized. Students work privately and independently; their individual data remain private and secure. Additional optional print materials for students and staff are available as PDFs.

Youth Behavior Programs

“It was so simple to use and it told me what I had done well and when I needed to improve—and it didn’t just tell me that I needed to change—it told me how!”

Specialized Behavior Change Programs

For Adult Populations


Healthy Pregnancy

A program to assist pregnant women in effectively managing stress, quitting smoking and staying quit, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Journey to Change

Domestic Violence Prevention

An online domestic violence program designed as an adjunct to traditional batterer treatment. The program aims to increase readiness to use a range of healthy strategies to stay violence-free.

For The Military & Veterans

Pain Management, PTSD, Substance Abuse Prevention

Designed with expert input from military leaders, our programs are tailored specifically to veterans and military personnel and use the same proven science as our other products to change a variety of risk behaviors.

For College Students


A Healthy Foundation for Life

An online, multiple behavior change well-being program designed to help college students improve their exercise, eating, and stress management habits.

For Youth

Winning Play$

Financial Literacy

A high school life skill and financial literacy program with an assessment and stage-based behavior change strategies built in partnership with Stacey Tisdale, financial journalist, and the All Stars Helping Kids Foundation.


Staying Out of Trouble

The Rise Above Your Situation, or RAYS, program is a multimedia, computer-tailored intervention to help youth get substance-free and stay out of trouble with the law.