Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

About Us

Pro-Change’s Vision Statement

Optimal well-being for every person and every organization.

Pro-Change Mission Statement

Create evidence-based behavior change solutions that optimize population health and well-being.

Who we are

Pro-Change is an internationally recognized behavior change company that partners with wellness companies and institutions to produce award-winning programs that are designed to reduce multiple health risk behaviors and to enhance multiple domains of well-being while lowering health care costs and increasing productivity. As leaders in the development of behavior change programs, we build the most advanced science of behavior change into our programs.

Our founder, Dr. James Prochaska, and company leaders, Drs. Kerry Evers, Sara Johnson, and Deborah Levesque have made major breakthroughs in the science and practice of behavior change.

Our staff of psychologists, public health professionals, and information and technology specialists focus on using the Transtheoretical Model in a broad range of health behaviors, social issues, and organizational change initiatives. Learn more about the Pro-Change staff.

Our Motto

“Wherever you are at, we can work with that ™”

What we can do for you

Partners can integrate Pro-Change’s evidence-based behavior change programs into their larger wellness packages. Together, we can cost-effectively bring state-of-the-science individualized behavior change guidance to each individual in the populations you serve whether they are payors, providers, accountable care organizations, employers, schools, or the government. The flexibility of our responsive design software enables customization of programs and delivery in a wide variety of channels, including personal coaching, computer, tablet, and smart phone. Aggregate reporting capabilities enable you to summarize and report reduced health care risks, increased productivity, and increases in well-being.

How we do it

Pro-Change’s award-winning, mobile-optimized programs are designed for entire populations and are uniquely tailored to each individual, resulting in high participation and high impact rates.

At the heart of each Pro-Change system are detailed research databases. These databases guide our work and let us track which strategies have worked best in specific populations so we can tailor our programs to be effective. More than anything else, this body of field-tested data sets us apart from other companies. The quality of evidence that goes into Pro-Change programs is unparalleled.

Healthways, Inc. describes us this way:

We believe that Pro-Change demonstrates the value of technological innovation, the significant results that can be accomplished through effective collaboration between government, business, and the private sector, and how credible research can enhance quality and cost savings.

Brian Thomas, Quality Health Solutions Founder & CEO has stated:

Pro-Change’s research and development leadership and expertise in the field of behavior change has afforded Quality Health Solutions the opportunity to bring the maximum amount of science to bear on major health and lifestyle-related behavior choices in entire populations. With our partnership of over 10 years, Quality Health Solutions’ award-winning wellness programs have gained a reputation for offering scientifically validated assessments and interventions that enhance the health and productivity of our client populations.

See a list of our other partners and clients.

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