Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.

Staff and Publications

For bios and publication lists for our senior staff, click below.


Dave Armitage, PMP
Quality Assurance Manager

Erika Barton, B.S.
Staff Accountant

Dustin Bailey, B.A.
Research Assistant

Lynne E. Broderick, M.P.H.
Senior Project Manager

Carrie Coren, B.A.
Graphic Design Consultant

Valerie A. Hupf
Executive Administrative Assistant

Emma deAguiar, B.A.
Research Assistant

Lois Hamblet, B.S.
Financial Consultant

Kevin Lague, M.L.I.S
Front-End Developer

Daniel Siefert, B.S.
Operations/Development Engineer

Cindy Umanzor, M.P.H.
Project Manager

Deborah Van Marter, M.P.H.
Senior Project Manager

Susanne Vieira
Project Assistant

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