Evidence-based health and well-being for entire populations.
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Evidence-Based Health Behavior Change

From the leaders in behavior change science

We’re Change Experts…

Founded by the leader in behavior change science, Dr. James Prochaska, and led by a team of five Ph.D.s generating more than $30 million in NIH grant funding, Pro-Change has been guiding entire populations to healthier, happier lives for over 15 years. We stand by our work, and are proud to say we have the best outcomes in the business. Real outcomes mean real healthcare savings.

…Making Wellness Work…

Leveraging the best behavior science and the right mix of modern technology, Pro-Change’s products plain work. A flagship system covers 9 health behaviors and even more risks, fully integrating web and mobile applications, telephonic, email, and text-messaging. Companion telephonic coaching, aggregate reporting, and healthcare provider dashboards round out the package.

…For Real People

But don’t take our word for it. Read what one user had to say…

“I am happy to report that I have quit smoking! After reading all the information that you sent, it all got through to me after smoking for over 40 years. I am confident that this is my time where I will be smoke free. Thank you!”

Innovative Technology

Clinical Tracking, Fully-Tailored Programs, Text-Messaging


Pro-Change’s Clinical Dashboard

Our dashboard helps clinicians to be experts in behavior change, without training.

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Comprehensive Well-Being

Our highly customizable behavior change products are available to license.

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Behavior change delivered via mobile Text-Messaging technology

Tailored Text Messaging

Fully tailored text messaging is now available as a program upgrade.

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